A CFA Certified Cattery of Excellence
We could not bear to part with our precious Hazel so
she's living here and giving us joy and love every day.
I am pleased to announce Samara has found her forever
home.  Thanks Nita.
Darth was neutered and retired August 5, 2010 after 7 years of
producing wonderful kittens.  He was returned to his original
owner Judy Colson Rhodes.
Our wonderful Hannah-Rose was adopted and is
settling into her new home.  Thank you to
Cathy, Thanos and Claudia
Our sweet Amari was adopted and went to her new home
today.   We wish you lots of love and joy from your new girl.  
Thanks so much Carl and Terry.
Autumn has decided she's staying with us, so she's back and
we're happy to have her.
Welcome home, sweetie.
I'm so pleased to announce Isabella has been adopted and is
happily living in Maryland.  Thank you Eileen, I know you'll be
very happy together. Eileen took Quentin, Isabella's grandson on
April 22, 2014 and the two of them are getting along great!
A big thank you to Susi for adopting our
wonderful Miss Scarlett.  Susi took one
look at her picture and said
"that's my girl"
and now she is.
Our wonderful breeding stud Sirius Black was
neutered and retired in February 2014.  We are so
grateful for all the wonderful kittens he sired.  He is
now living in his new forever home and doing great.  
Thank you Sylvia.  
We said a tearful goodbye to our beautiful Arianna on
April 19, 2014.  She was spayed earlier in the month
and is now in a wonderful new home.  
Thank you Ardene and Murray for taking Arianna.  I
hope she brings you lots of joy and love.
Our wonderful Ziva was spayed June 2014 and is now
happily retired.  She is happily living with a new
family.  Thanks Kim for loving this wonderful girl.   
Sweet Giovanna was spayed and retired in February 2015 and is
now happily living in her forever home.  Thank you Connie for
sharing your life with this wonderful girl.  I know you will have
many happy years together.
It's hard to imagine the time has come to retire my
magnificent Ronan.  He has produced many beautiful and
wonderful litters over the past eight years.  

Ronan was neutered and retired on January 8, 2016.  He has
since been adopted and is being spoiled and adored.  Thank
you so much, Norma and Barry.
Sabre was spayed and retired on 1/15/16 and has already found
her forever home.  Thank you Kathleen.  I'm sure you will both
be very happy with each other.  Goodbye sweet girl, we'll always
love you.
Nytiri was spayed and retired 10/9/16.  She is staying here.
Ezri Dax was retired in January 2017 and is now living with her
new family.  Everyone loves her and she's very happy.
Veronica was retired and is living in her new home with her old
friend Giovanna.  Thank you Connie for adding Veronica to
your family.
Raven was spayed and retired in February 2017.  She is very
happy in her new home.  Thanks Ted.
Kenzo was neutered and rehomed in February 2017.  Sadly, he
was never able to be used as a stud, but he is very happy living
in his new home.  Thank you Ricardo.