A CFA Certified Cattery of Excellence
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Dam:  Thecathut Torrie
Sire:   CH Vens Passion Rising Sun
DOB:  April 4, 2011

Trinity is a gorgeous silver patch tabby with
white girl that came to us from
Thecathut and
God's Gift Catteries.

Thank you Gerri and Bonnie for this precious
girl.  She has charmed her way into all our
hearts and gets along beautifully with
everyone.  She could not be more easy going
and affectionate.

Trinity became a Champion in the Lakeland, Fl
show in February 2012.  She was called to a
final and won 2nd Best Long Hair Champion
and 3rd Best Allbreed Champion.

She is now grand pointed and we could not be
more proud of our girl!
CH Grand Pointed Thecathut
Trinity of Regalcoons
Trinity is neg/neg for the
SMA, PK Def and the HCM
mutation gene
Dam: CH Belushies Vandra of Regalcoons
Sire:  RW, QGC Luckypaws Dieselpurr
DOB: May 7, 2013

Kaia is a little girl we bred here and are keeping.
She's a silver patch tabby and has the sweetest
and most loving temperament. Kaia has managed to
fit herself into the household perfectly.  

Thank you Lorraine for allowing your wonderful
stud Dieselpurr to father her.  She's just fabulous
and we love her.

Kaia won her championship ribbons at the Ormond
Beach Cat show on January 18, 2014
CH Grand Pointed Regalcoons
Moonlight Serenade
Kaia is Negative/Negative for the SMA,
PK Def and the HCM mutation gene
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Dam:  CH TheCatHut Trinity of Regalcoons
Sire:  CH Arbor Vitae Gryffindor of
DOB:  September 13, 2013

B'Elanna is a beautiful vivid brown patch tabby w/white
girl that was bred right here.  She made it known right
from the start that she intended to stay.  We expect
wonderful kittens from her and she will take Ziva's
place in the breeding program.
Regalcoons Star Trek B'Elanna
B'Elanna is Neg/Neg for the HCM, PK
Def and the SMA mutation gene.  
Luckypaws Nikki of Regalcoons
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Nikki is Neg/Neg for the HCM
mutation gene, SMA,  and PK
Dam:  Luckypaws Ms. Molly
Sire:   Regalcoons Nayati of Luckypaws
DOB:  March 29, 2016

Nikki is a beautiful brown classic patch tabby
who fit herself into the household in one day.  
She is the most loving kitten that never stops
purring.  She knows her name and comes when
she's called.  I am madly in love with her
already.  Thank you Lorraine for this marvelous
kitten.  She will be loved and cherished and
spoiled rotten.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *
DAM:  CH Karmacoons Ravenclaw of     
SIRE:  CH Arbor Vitae Gryffindor of
DOB:  December 5, 2015

This little lady is a brown patch tabby just like her
mom Raven.  She has a sweet and loving
personality and we look forward to seeing the kittens
she'll produce.  She lives with my friend Alice and
Regalcoons Gypsy Rose Lee
Gypsy is Neg/Neg for the HCM
mutation gene, SMA,  and PK
Regalcoons Stella By Starlight
Stella is Neg/Neg for the HCM
mutation gene, SMA,  and PK Def.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *
Dam:  CH Belushies Nytiri of Regalcoons
Sire:   CH Regalcoons Sebastian

DOB:  May 17, 2014

Stella is a gorgeous brown patch tabby girl who lives
with my friend Alice.  She keeps her and Gypsy Rose
at her house and does a great job raising kittens.  
Stella is a sweet loving cat and makes gorgeous